Feature request (or perhaps this is already possible) Indoor Cam Pan&Tilt

I have several Indoor Cam Pan&TIlt cameras in my home. My wife and I bought these so that while we are home we can face them to the wall and then rotate them around to face the areas we would like to monitor only when we are gone. I dont think that cameras pointing at people while they are visiting your house is an inviting or necessary thing to have. We could have bought Indoor cams (non panning) and just turned them around but that would mean turning them around every time you leave the house. So we bought these but again you need to at least do this on the app. I am hoping that either through the Eufy app or via IFTT or some other hack, I can swivel these around to the appropriate view when there is no one home automatically. Any help is much appreciated.

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Plug them into a smart plug and set up a schedule.