Feature request - motion tracking reset position

With the EufyCam pan and tilt, when the device hasn’t detected movement for x minutes, it should have a home angle/position that it returns to. The should be configurable by the user.


Agree with that!

I have the same suggestion, it stays in the last detected position and not looking at the intended location for any activity after certain time.
@Yanyee1 please add it to your todo list :slight_smile:

Interesting, because after a few moments mine will return to where I last manually positioned it. I set it on the door. It will track my cat away from the door. After a minute or so it moves itself back to the door. Try aiming it where you want in live view, exiting and give it a test.

Edit to say that I’m using the eufy security app.


Dear user,
In our Indoor Cam design, the camera will go back to the direction you configured if there is no motion over 30s. Would you mind helping us make sure if the final place the camera toward to have any motion within a narrow range?There may be some motion you don’t notice but the camera detects.
You can try to adjust a lower level motion detection sensitivity in settings > motion detection > sensitivity.
If the issue stills, let us know. We will also try to optimize the experience of motion tracking.
eufy Security Team

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Oh wow! Now I feel silly!
You’re 100% right. Sorry for the confusion.
Overnight Eufy fan. Keep up the good work guys!