Feature request and initial feedback

After using the Eufycam indoor Pan&Tilt for about a week, I have noticed few things compared to my existing setup with another very popular brand :

  • Minimal delay in viewing less than 1.5 Sec .
  • Excellent audio quality and pickup sensitivity
  • Good video quality with some compression issues.
  • Good zone selection 2 free style zones for user defined motion detection . Excellent AI detection which can be very useful in busy movement setup .
  • No full duplex audio
  • Video frame rate is a bit low but ok for the use case.
  • When in live view , if you start recording , it only saves the file on the phone and not locally on the camera SD card.

Improvements :

  • Address the points above
  • Provide greater points in each Activity zones , right now you can set 2 zones with 6 point to adjust, providing more points and more zones will enable better isolation .
  • Option to stream audio only
  • Option to switch off infrared light and keep night b&w image
  • Ethernet connectivity