Family and friends

I’m the owner of video doorbell and invited my wife no problem I just don’t see her email in the app so how do I manage people I invite? Thanks.

She should get an email with a link to download the app. That’s the first step. Once she has the app on her device, she needs to set up her own account with the email you sent as her username. Then, when she logs into that new account she should receive a confirmation that you have invited her. Once she confirms that, refresh or log out of the app and log in again and she should be able to see your devices. Then there is a an email from Eufy with a confirmation code that needs to be entered. After that, she should have whatever permissions you granted her (admin or guest) and be able to receive alerts and look at your devices.

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Goto Menu by clicking 3 lines on top left of the app screen on your phone
Click on Family & Guests–>see the email of your wife
Click on the email to see what devices she has access to and scroll down to see if she has admin or user level

Thank you that worked. :+1:

I’m having the same issue. Invited 3 family members and not one of them can see the doorbell when the login. Living out and in again does nothing. The only email they received was to download the app no magic link. Incredibly frustrating

The same frustrating problem here.

Suggest you contact support using the email of the account manager. They found some issues with some invitees downloading different localized versions of the app causing problems. Maybe that’s what’s happened to you. At the least, support should have the ability to look at the logs or backend DB and see where the process is hanging up.