False notifications from Eufy 2C cam, please help!

Hi everyone, is anyone experiencing an issue with getting numbers of notifications outside of activity zones? I have changed it to human detection only and lower my sensitivity settings but the camera is getting capturing vehicles or bikes or people walk by outside of the zones. I am getting even more notifications at night when it’s detecting everything.

I really thought this camera is the best in the market but after using it for a month I am really regretting it.

Boy… I wish I could help but I don’t have an answer. The only thing I have yet to try is tape over parts of the motion sensor. ( somebody had some success with this ). I have found the activity zones worthless on my battery cams. ( also the worthless button to check for the latest firmware update. LOL ) My only work around is using schedule mode and turn off ( or just notifications off ) on trouble cameras at different times of the day. ( right now 2 of my outdoor cams are off because of sun triggers) Another thing I’m doing is using one of my 2c cams as a very expensive waterproof motion sensor for another camera that goes crazy all day but has a killer view. That’s all I got. Sorry.