False notifications every few minutes

Had the doorbell for about 3 weeks now. We get notifications every few minutes and nothing there. Even tried setting zones still the same.

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Happens to ours too. Our cameras lack a true motion sensor and relies on the camera pixels changes to detect changes. Our old Belkin cameras were a PITA because of this. With the Eufy cameras, we just use the AI to detect person and pet movements to minimize false alerts. But the AI in our patio camera detects the end of our swing and thinks it’s a person. Creating two zones around it didn’t help. At least the AI filters out other less important motions.

Motion triggers or human triggers? I use all motion to detect vehicles … and shadows from trees will trigger cameras with the slightest movement. You really need to watch the video to see the motion that triggered it. I would ask eufy to give us options for much lower detection sensitivity options… but they don’t listen. Or just give us vehicle AI! If I had counted… I’m guessing I had 150+ videos yesterday on my wired outdoor cam on its lowest setting. Worthless!

I found playing about with a combination of Human/All motion, sensitivity and adjusting the zone helped with false notifications. The delay in the video recording start mostly did not help let me know what triggered the false notification, but either it was the tuff off long grass (which I have removed now), shadows, or the reflection on out car(s). The latter 2 more often when it is a sunny day.

We get this too. We live in a busy urban environment and the camera records an event every single time someone walks past our house (approximately once every three minutes). Except for when it doesn’t record people who actually come to the door.

We’ve got the activity area set to only show us people in our garden, but it still triggers every time anyone walks or cycles past.

That six-month camera battery? Lasted us five days.

Yesterday some idiot drove up my very long driveway… smashed the car into my deck and destroyed my water fountain… then just drove away.

Those shadows make “all motion” impossible. Can’t turn it down… can’t set zones… and human only would have ignored the entire thing. I got the video and the plate number for the police. I also got 100 other recordings of crap yesterday by setting to all motion. Human, vehicle and pet AI… or find an AI solution that ignores things that “wiggle” back and forth and only records moving trackable objects.

Sorry to hear, hopefully you’ll get that idiot. Looking at your photo, those shadows will be triggering the camera constantly when there is a light breeze. I’ve had my wireless doorbell in for just over a week and the battery is at 50%. I have been playing about with it a lot though, so on the next full charge the battery should last longer. I’ve not decided on the best position for the eufyCam2 Pro yet so I’ll be reporting in about that later on once it’s in place.