Failed to save video

Hi all,
I made the jump to Eufy and got the 2C system today which seems to be fantastic but I’ve come across a problem when recording clips manually. If I hit record and then stop the clip I get a bar at the top saying Failed to save video.

I have repaired and formatted the internal memory on the base station but it keeps happening so I’m not sure what I can do to fix it?

I’m 100% a newbie here and any hell is most welcome. The kit and quality are brilliant from what I’ve seen so far but this issue is a problem for me obviously. I’ve not tested proper motion clips yet.

@Chris.UK Hello, I have the Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pro versions. When I record video manually, it downloads the footage on my phone and not within the app. Is it possible to check on another device and replicate it.

I’d try to troubleshoot one thing at a time. Start with your device first. Also, are you allowed to save any other video that was recorded to the app?

If you are saving to an Android device, you probably forgot to give the app permissions to save to your local storage. Just go into setup, apps and notifications and set the EufySecurity app storage permission to on.

On Android that creates 2 folders called EufyVideoDir and EufyPicDir. That’s where the videos and snapshots are saved.

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Hi all,

It turned out access to local storage wasn’t enabled on my iPhone which the option never popped up when installing the app which I would have expected it to. It’s fixed now thankfully and I LOVE MY EUFY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: