Failed to request (-23) PROBLEM

Anfrage fehlgeschlagen (-23) Problem

Auch bei mir die selbe Problematik wie von anderen Usern bereits hier beschrieben.
Fehler trat unmittelbar nach Sichtung einer zuvor benachrichtigten Bewegungssequenz auf.

Danach kein Zugriff mehr über Android auf die Basisstation und die Kameras. Fortwährende Fehlermeldung Anfrage fehlgeschlagen (-23)!!!

Erbitte dringend HILFE zu dieser Problematik!

Danke sehr

SEIT 09.01.2021, 23:20 Uhr keine Probleme mehr! Alles läuft wie gewohnt… Danke sehr!


The same problem in the Netherlands. I get the push-notifications but not the live stream. Error -23 tried by iPhone as Android not working


Ditto here in the UK.
Getting notification of movement from my Floodlight Cam but can’t view anything just keep getting the - 23 error.


The same problem from France (HomeBase E and 2 CamE).
Work nicely on WIFI but unable to use in 4G. Error -23 and “set-up a secure video channel” = FAILED and " unable to read the video in real -time".
It would be nice if the Eufy team would be kind enough to fix the pb !

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Same here in uk working perfectly until today then keep getting the (-23) error message and won’t play live or recoded video


same here no live stream only on
wifi. already reset everything but no resilts

Same here, can’t view live feed from mobile data, error started this afternoon.

Same here in the autors home country germany.
Too bad that from Eufy no one seems to have the problem.

Same problem started for me today

Same here, from France, i’m not aloved to reach my saved video or change my security status (home, away, geofencing, program).
Error - 23 is occurring on mobile network and wifi.

Same here. Can’t connect to live video. Sometimes I also can’t see previous recordings

Same problem started for me today :denmark:

Same problem here(netherlands). I can acces my cam 2 with wifi on. But not outside my own network…

Same here.

Same here

Same problem here. NETHERLANDS.
As most has thuis problem i think thuis is a issue die eufy

Same here in the UK was working fine this morning but now get error message, but works fine when connect to wifi??

Same here uk, won’t show live or any recordings (-23) if on lte or a different network. Only works when on the same network as the cameras.

Heee in the Netherlands as well.

Same here. Seems like Eufy doesnt care.