Fail to capture human on doorbell

I have delivery guy dropped off some deliveries and this isnt just first time failed to capture someone infront of our doorbell. Im starting to feel that having doorbell and cameras with eufy not making feel safe with it.

If you go to settings of the doorbell in the eufy app, and hit the motion detection section- then you have an option to adjust the sensitivity of the person detection.

Trying making it more sensitive to see if it works for you :+1:.

The doorbell motion detection sucks. On the second highest setting it will miss 50% of people, and on the highest setting it gets triggered by absolutely everything, e.g. bees, birds, shadows, wind, etc. Eufy has never acknowledged the issue and it doesn’t look like they are interested in fixing it.

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Have you tried making the activity zone smaller if on the highest setting?

Think lot of us are hoping for a update still.