Extra Alarm for first floor

I’ve setup my home security system but the alarm from the home base is not loud enough, is there an extra Alarm that can be purchased and paired?

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No actual independent alarms are available at the minute although in theory you could get an other Homebase 2 and pair it with your account but don’t connect any cameras up to it.

Then set up an automation that if your original Homebase 2’s alarm sounds, your now new 2nd Homebase 2’s alarm will also sound.

Now I don’t think you can buy the Homebase 2 separately, you would need to get this part of a kit/bundle.

Does this work? Can you trigger the secondary homebase’s alarm with the first? I thought that was not possible as they’re not connected to each other.

I’m not 100% sure that’s why I said in theory, but if both Homebase2 are connected to the same account and they both show up in the app, wouldn’t you have the ability to create automations with them?

I mean that’s what I assume you should be able to do, if you normally have 2 homebase2 with different cameras connected to each can’t you create automations with all of them?

No, it’s centered around the homebase. So it only works for items connected to a specific homebase.

My bad,

In that case @arunraman7 forget what I said.

What if we add a chime and automate it to ring for an alert ( really not sure if that’s possible but trying my luck)

Chime can only be linked to a wired doorbell, so you are out of the original homebase and back to square one!
at this time no solution but have your phone on ring so when alarm goes, it notifies you.
I think Eufy will launch an external louder alarm which may help in your situation, but don’t count on my dreams :slight_smile:

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And here lies the major problem with Eufy security system, and unless Eufy fixes it IMO that will be the end of their security products. You see, the HomeBases do NOT talk to one another. No automation between them. NADA. If you have multiple, like 3 HomeBases, it is like you have 3 seperate security systems. Even their keypad with the Alarm Kit that comes with a HomeBase, can not talk to arm/disarm any other HomeBases you may have in your house with your camera or doorbell devices. And it gets even worse with Eufy wifi only devices like wired doorbell and indoor cameras. It’s like 3 different teams in 3 different places and NOT talking to one another, designed these products. It’s absolutely insane and I’ve never seen anything like it in my systems engineering career.


They draw you in with brilliant marketing only to find yourself stuck once you’ve hit a sight bump in the road.

There are a lot of little problems with the security system but to be fair it does work 85% of the time. I do find myself bigging them up to friends and family, especially the doorbell because its good stuff.

Maybe we’ve been Brian-washed?

Maybe we’re now part of a cult?

All their problems are software related. The hardware department did a good job, but the software department went insane. And usually that happens when you put there a software manager who does not have a clue.

I had the same issue - wanted another ‘chime’ upstairs.

I used an old mobile phone, no SIM card, just did a factory-reset on it, hooked it up to my Wi-Fi, created its own account under the Eufy App and then added it as “Family & Guest” to the account with my doorbell in it.

I keep it plugged into a charger all the time, no other Apps on the phone, just Eufy. Works fine, cost nothing.


Innovation and connectivity on current devices has slowed my full endorsement to the alarm system. No battery back up like one found on hombase one, no optional cell reception as back up internet, and no interconnection of home bases for added siren capabilities. Wyze just came out with a new alarm system but not sure what negatives they have yet. I do not look to be a first adopter, only to have a competent system for my needs that has optional month