External Siren Box needed

For the home security to be really good the system needs an external siren box. I have door sensors and motion detectors but it is pointless when the alarm only sounds indoors on the Homebase. It can’t be set up to sound on the camera at the front of my house as it sounds every time someone walks by and the camera detects them. You need to be able to use the alarm independently from the camera.


I should add that the system itself is superb. It just needs this additional facility.

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One option is to create an ‘automation’ such that when the Homebase alarmed is triggered, it starts the siren on the camera

No idea how to do that. I’m not e tech person :weary:

This works, however I find that in some circumstances the sirens are not loud enough. I also don’t want any camera’s inside, which translates to no siren inside…

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