Exposure Setting

I’m new to Eufycam. Installing cameras on three porches at my house - back, side, and front - because that’s where the access doors are and I want to be able to identify any who might break in. My problem is that, since all the porches are covered (5-10) feet, during daylight hours the clips turn out too dark for the close-in view which would provide a facial recognition. Is there a way to adjust the exposure for the darkness of the enclosure?

Hi Paul
I’ve got the same issue , but I have the Floodlight/Cam. I am wondering if when the movement sensor is triggered , even during the day , the floodlights can come on , as well as the camera …like at night ? Then faces would be illuminated and not dark ?
Alternatively adjust or cover something so the camera thinks its always Night (like Norway) anyway , any suggestions would be good.