Explore the Features of Video Doorbell Dual

Before setting up Video Doorbell Dual, check if you have the latest versions of the eufy Security app and Video Doorbell Dual firmware.

Latest App Version

iOS: v4.1.2

Android: v4.1.1

Latest Firmware Version

HomeBase2 v3.1.6.8h

Doorbell v0.1.0.5

See the Full Picture with Dual Cameras

While Video Doorbell Dual’s Front View Camera focuses on the courier, the Porch View Camera detects your package. Secure your home with the entire view of your entryway.

Spot Loiterers, Get Them to Leave

Get rid of unwanted visitors from your door with Loitering Detection. Whenever Video Doorbell Dual detects someone who’s hanging around too long, you’ll get a notification. Then, you can let Video Doorbell Dual deal with the person with an automatic voice response. You can tell the person to go away, that you’re not interested, or that you’re watching them through the doorbell.

Check Events at a Glance with the eufy Security App

Video Doorbell Dual can automatically categorize events for you to review. Use the eufy Security app to scan through the entire day and glance at the most important events with Security Report. To check, open the sidebar menu, then go to Lab Feature > Security Report.

Protect Your Packages with Delivery Guard™

Video Doorbell Dual’s exclusive Delivery Guard™ instantly notifies you when your package arrives and sends you pick-up reminders, so it’s never abandoned. Plus, you’ll get alerts when anyone approaches your package, letting you choose how to handle the situation—your voice or an automatic response.

Delivery Guard™ is still undergoing beta testing. So if you see something that should be working better, let us know. We want to improve the AI, and we’ll use your data to make that happen.

Receive Prompt Customer Service

Receive priority, friendly customer support with your purchase of Video Doorbell Dual. Reach out to support@eufylife.com for any any help. We’ll respond to any questions as soon as possible and within 24 hours.


I was able to pickup the Eufy dual doorbell yesterday in a shop in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately I am unable to add it to the Eufy Security app 4.0 (with HomeBase 2).

Contacted @eufy support, and they mentioned an app update is pending to support the Eufy Dual Doorbell.
So while wondering how the product could have been released before supporting it, I wait patiently.

Looking forward to test-drive it, once supported.


Hi there! This is Nina from eufy customer support. In order to quickly get you taken care of, would you please write an email to our support email support@eufylife.com?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I already contacted support, and they told me to wait for the App update.
So I am waiting for the update before re-trying connecting the dual doorbell to the homebase 2.

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Eufy get your acts together


I already contacted support, and they told me to wait for the App update.
So I am waiting for the update before re-trying connecting the dual doorbell to the homebase 2.

Just to share my update.

The new Security App version was released last week.
And today I updated my HomeBase2 with a new firmware version.

Now I was able to add my Doorbell to the Security App.


I have the same problem buy the dual camera also in the doorbell and the say waith till the new app release
A get yesterday the new update new app and it works


It’s a mistake from te seller; at that point it wasn’t released yet but the shops where supplied for a quick launch.

I’ve ordered it at Coolblue at the release date and get next day delivery. What are your first impressions?

It works on the iphone but not on the ipad. Needs update i think. Hopefully it wil get the update soon.

HomeKit, HomeKit, HomeKit. I can’t figure out why new products don’t support it, especially now that HomeKit does not require any specific hardware additions. I’d buy several Eufy products if they supported HomeKit.


I could not add the doorbell Dual using the iOS app. It would not pair to the home base 2.
I tried both the Video Doorbell (Battery) and (wired). I checked and the app was supposedly up to date.

But a call to tech support revealed these were wrong and I needed to delete the old app and re-download.Simple, actually. Then under add device is the needed option for Video Doorbell Dual (battery)!
That worked. An entirely different process. Home base firmwre also needed update.
Deleting the app removes local data. But all my configurations were restored when I signed back in.
So now it’s working. Thanks to tech support, but they need to add a note to instructions or knowledge base.
“If you can’t install doorbell Dual on iOS …”

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What is the range away from the door in which the dual camera doorbell will pick up events? I’m asking because I just installed it yesterday and it only captures what is right in front of the door, but I would love for it to reach the end of walk up to the door. About 10ft.

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Did you make sure your HomeBase is wired to your router? Apparently the video doorbell doesn’t work with WiFi connected HomeBases. I found out the hard way…

I have no issues with the doorbell dual connecting with the Homebase 2 via Wifi ?
But you have to use the updated App, and make sure the Homebase firmware is updated !

The range is pretty good on my side, even had to turn it down to prevent false alarms from passing cars.
According to the Detection Sensitivity settings it would be max 20ft.

My eufy doorbell doesn’t work with HomeKit


Just got the dual camera doorbell yesterday. The connection is fine. However, when I tried to view the live view in split-view more, the proportion of the video was incorrect and the bottom part of the video is cut off about one third.

I’m using Samsung Z fold 3 when I got this problem. It worked fine with my iPad though. What should I change in the setting to fix this? Please help. Thank you.

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Please have a solar panel I can connect the doorbell to

Better linking with Google home!
Main reason for purchase was to view who is at the door with my google nest hub. DOES NOT WORK


I can stream my doorbell to my nest with the command “Stream “cameraname” to “Nest device name”. I would have hoped that it automatically does this wen someone rings the bell but this does not work. I saw there was an option to avoid the conversion by choosing lower video quality to better support the Google Nest but assume this will not enable the option I would have liked. Did you experience the same?



We live in Florida have a house in the Dominican Republic. We connected 4 flood cameras hard wired and they work great and we can monitor house from the US. Since we don’t live there we need everything to be hard wired. Our current door bell in the house is hard wired. Can we replace the Eufy Video Doorbell to the existing hard wired door bell in place? Thanks