Existing 24awg wire safe for wiring Eufy 2K battery doorbell?


Because the battery ran out every 4 weeks or so I have now wired the Eufy doorbell.
My installation looks like this:

12v 1A adapter >
24 awg existing wire (about 5 meter) >
18 awg wire (about 2.5 meter, to go around the door) >

Using a kill-a-watt meter the doorbell pulls max 2.5 watts (when first plugging it in) and after that just 0.4 watts (or even nothing). Even when pressing the doorbell and thus recording.

As far as I can tell this installation works and should be more than fine. But I’m not an electrician, so better to double check with the experts here :wink: The manual only mentions “existing wire” and “8 to 24v adapter”. 24 awg wire seems to be standard, but seeing it and realizing how thin it is, I keep wondering…

Is this (the existing 24 awg wire) safe to use when wiring the Eufy 2K battery doorbell?

Thanks so much!

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I work in the audio industry, where 24 awg is considered thin… but in the application of a doorbell, I think you will be fine.

I had two seasoned electricians help me install my doorbell, and we used my 1952 house’s existing wiring to hook up the doorbell. We have a 24V transformer installed for this doorbell at the junction box (the old transformer was dead). Basically, as long as your wire is insulated so copper isn’t touching flammable materials in your house, and your doorbell is getting enough power to function, you should be good.

If you feel your own wire is more compromised than mine, your electrician may still want to use the old wire to snake the new through the walls so that you don’t have to destroy your walls and floors.

Yeah, 24 awg is thin. That’s why I wanted to make sure it was safe. But I’m now sure it is safe. The wire isn’t compromised and in great condition. The powerdraw of the doorbell is no more than 0.4 watt, so no big deal. And doorbell wire you can get in the store is still 24awg. And Eufy says “existing doorbell wires” in the manual, so that must mean that this is pefectly fine.

Thanks for the help @werftboy !

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