Events not being recorded

My eufy 2c is streaming and detecting motion. But not recording events. It would be nice if eufy send us a notification that their server is down so we don’t have to speculate what is happening. Especially on Halloween.


Same here. I have stored videos up to a little past 5 pm central time. Now all I get is notifications but nothing is stored for playback.


Same here. Up until about 6:30 est. Everything then stopped showing in the AP under events. The cameras are still recording on motion, but nothing showing up in app. Both Homebase and Floodlight 2 pro (i.e. local storage, not homebase) events not showing.


Same here not recording events, any help appreciated


Same here … just found out that all the Halloween traffic tonight was completely ignored. Can’t find any of it in history even though I would watch the video on alerts. Once I dismiss the alerts, they are all gone. Freakin’ absurd!

But … posting about it here won’t do anything because support never reads this forum.

I already returned 4 indoor cameras via support that had issues and that was a hassle and a half.


yep, same here. Can see notifications come up but no recordings. Very frustrating

Same for me.

Having same problem.

This is ridiculous. Cameras not recording.

Just came back to a list of Halloween events. No video. Bad timing for an outage. What if they did tricks instead of treats? I guess I won’t know.

What’s the point of a security cam if it doesn’t record? I just installed 2 floodlight cams and servers go down. Eufy what’s the return process?

Hi there, we’re aware that some of you experienced a temporary interruption of service, particularly when viewing historical events and changing the App settings. Our engineers worked quickly to resolve the issue. All functions of the eufy Security App are now back to normal. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please contact our support team at

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Just installed ours a few weeks ago. Alerts us to events but it has never recorded them. Settings are all set to record, but tapping on the notification shows no recording.