Events not being recorded again

There was a wide spread issue on Halloween where multiple users experienced an issue with events not being recorded. That was supposed to be fixed. Now since about 2:30PM PST today (11/3/2021), motion isn’t being detected and events aren’t being recorded. Why is this issue happening again? Is anyone else having this issue today?

Mine keeps going offline ,I’ve been removing and readding device no luck

Yes i had that too, thought thet had some policy about not recording kids on Halloween, but it turns out they suck… How do you make a service that is localy recording, there are no data transfers, and it still somehow breaks​:joy::joy::joy:
And today out of the blue every event being recorded is scrambled at the bottom. Here is an idea for you Eufy, stop encripting the videos they are just being recorded on the homebase… Or are they, i bet the secretly run them through a server any way to see if they can capture some useful information they can sell about us.
Im almost about to return all the cameras because it makes 0 sense


Events not recorded. Again! I found it out just half an hour ago. Looks like a repeat the same problem as Halloween night!

Support! Are you able to fix the problem???