Events need a filtering option

When reviewing events in the Eufy app, there really needs to be a way to filter by device. For example, I may only want to review events for my front door doorbell camera, or my backyard camera, and then delete all the stored footage for one of those camera and only that one quickly and easily. Right now I have to cherry pick them.

EDIT: I stand corrected. There’s an icon in the top right corner that I completely overlooked that has these filters. Thanks for the heads up LeeH!

I’ve had a look under my Events as there is a filter option which allows you to filter by Devices, Video Type and Storage Path

Son of a gun, it took me a minute but I completely overlooked that button. Thanks for the heads-up!


Here’s the filters…

What’s ‘crying’???

Also the reference to ‘person’ above. How’s about a consistent use of the wording. There’s ‘human’ being used some places and ‘person’ others.

And the word ‘someone’ here. Let’s have some consistency because it’s beginning to be a complete mess.

I chuckled when I saw “crying” also, like the cameras are supposed to be screening for scorned lovers or something? :rofl: Then I realized it must be for baby monitors.

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Oh that makes some sense. Still weird though.