Events alert but no recordings

So I get alerts as expected when visitors come. Great. But when I come to review them later there are no videos listed. Zero. Am I missing something? Or have the settings wrong?

Thanks in advance.

What’s your security setting? I have my camera’s set to “Home” because when they are set to"Away" with the camera alarms sactivated I get notifications but no recordings. This started happening a few months ago, they worked well on away when I first got them but after a few updates no longer record when alarms are set on camera’s. I even made my own security setting with some camera alarms activated and the same thing happened, I got notification camera was alarming but no recordings.

This happened to me when I first set up my cameras. It was because I didn’t have it linked to ICloud and had no memory card in the camera slot. Card came from Amazon in a few days, put it in the camera, and problem was solved.