Event recording should start earlier and end earlier

I find that the recorded events often start too late and drag on for too long. People are already in view when the recording starts. I would like to either:

  1. Have it start automatically just before the person comes into view (no motion at start, then the person appears)
  2. Make it user-configurable (e.g. 10 seconds before detection)

For option 1 above, when the AI discovers a noticeable event, it should back up to the point at which there was no motion at all, and then record until there is no motion again.

Also, the recordings are very heavily “front-weighted” in the sense that almost always, the interesting part of the recording occurs in the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the event with nothing interesting in the more than half of the remaining video. It would be nice to have the AI detect no remaining motion and then just stop the recording.

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Are you talking about the indoor cameras and the wired doorbell, or are you talking about the battery operated outdoor cameras? The only way for the event recordings to start before motion is detected is for the cameras to be continuously on and recording. That’s possible for the wired doorbell and the indoor cams that are always plugged in to a power outlet. However, the battery operated outdoor cams would have to be recharged daily if they were to do what you suggested.

Maybe you need an always on camera. The indoor camera has that function dependant upon the memory card

Be nice if a solar panel could give the battery cams a detection performance boost to improve recording buffer