Event calendar showing days with events but there are no videos on that day

Days with events showing on calendar but when going to that day there are no videos or events there. Tried reformatting the local memory card and restarting the camera but the event notifications are still showing on the calendar. Any suggestions on how to clear the “phantom” events notices on the calendar?

Same issue here. Did you figure out how to clear the phantom dots?

No. Eufy was aware of the issue but apparently don’t know how to fix it or it is not a priority for them. I have a friend having the same issue. It has been 4 months now -disappointing. Might be worth contacting them and letting them know. If more people complain it may motivate them to fix it.

It is July2024

Now issue is that Eufy killed all the dots for both Android and IOS even there are events. This is how Eufy fix phantom dots

Why bother even have calendar if it is not functional.

Guys …Send Feedback to report to Eufy.

July 16 …

The calendar dots are back for both IOS and Android.

Thank you Eufy Team.