EufySecurity App Issues

I’ve got the Eufy Floodlight, Wired 2K doorbell and a couple indoor cams. I’m having a couple issues with the app. I’m using a Galaxy S21.

  1. For the motion alert on the doorbell cam, I always get two notification chimes (instead of just one) back to back. I’ve tried clearing app cache and changing the chime but the issue persists.

  2. When I get an app motion alert notification from any Eufy device and click on it, it never shows me that alert recording. Instead, it will take me to something random like an old recording or a live feed from one of the Eufy devices.

Any input on these issues would be great.

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I can’t help with the first issue as I’ve never seen that.

  1. There is a setting for each device that determines whether you get a text message, a text, then a clip, or full clip. Its under Notifications on each devices setup menu.
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