eufySecurity app draining phone battery

Hi. The eufySecurity app is draining my mobile phone’s battery like CRAZY!

My phone used to last 2 days between charges, now less than 1 day, of course totally unacceptable.

eufySecurity v1.7.4_581(US)
Essential PH-1, Android 10


PLEASE HELP SOON, as this needs to be resolved before the return/refund windows closes on my 2C kit.

Thank you.


They have already reached out to you on the Anker Community so that’s a great response really. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.

Sorry, I don’t see any response either here or in the Anker Community. I initially posted there before I realized there was a dedicated eufy Security forum, so then I posted here as well. What am I missing?

I can’t find the thread now but they thanked everyone for the screen shots ect and said they’d look into it.

Hello? Anybody at eufy there?

Do feel like eufy app is draining my iPhone more since I’ve installed ?

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Nothing but silence from eufy. I am very disappointed.

There is a post that says they won’t be answering posts.

I find it doubly disappointing that they are “so busy developing new products” while their current products remain only half-baked.


Can you send your question to

Are there any updates of expected fixed for this issue? i’ve had the EufySecurity app for quite some time and worked fine but as soon as i added the eufy doorbell into the mix then a huge battery drain started on my android phone.

I’ve been back and forth with customer service, including a firmware update they offered, and an app update they emailed me, but to no avail. The battery is being drained unless I turn off battery optimization, then I miss notifications since it basically kills the app. No doorbell, no motion detection, nada. Recordings still take place but my phone either puts a majority of resources into the app or nothing. After an email thread of roughly 15 responses, I’m done. I don’t know if they’ll honor any kind of warranty and refund the TWO doorbells I installed or i’m out the money, but eufy let me down.

Yeah me and my friend both have major battery drain on Android. I can get percentages of they need.

Is this ever getting fixed?

Same problem here on Android 11. Oneplus 7t pro.

Fix that app its draining phone like hel… Sometimes over 50% it a joke