Eufycam3 Pro - motion detection distance

Hi All, new to the forum and eufy. I recenty bought some eufyCam2’s and then quickly upgraded to the 3s as wanted 4k and solar power option. One thing I have noticed is the detection distance seems awful even when set to the maximum. Any known issues with the 3s? Or anyone else get the issue? My camera is just above head height and only seems to trigger when about 10 feet away, when I believe it should be 20-30.


Welcome to Eufy. 10 ft sounds about right if your walking straight at the camera. Walking left to right (or right to left) in front of the camera should give you that extra range. Might need to move the camera to get the range your looking for.

Most of these battery cams have a motion test mode in settings. Mess with that for a test.

Thanks for the reply and Welcome :). I have just noticed the events are much less than previously on my 2s. I was initially testing walking directly and you are right they do seem better if it’s side to side. I have adjusted the angle a bit so will see if that helps, but if not might have to move to something else. Cheers

I’m in the same boat. Even walking side to side it is 12ft at best.

It’s pretty poor considering these are meant to be an upgrade to my previous 2s. At first I thought they were so good at detecting humans (used to get alerts at times for cars) as my alerts had dropped considerably in fact to zero for cars, but turns out it’s just the distance is rubbish lol. Think will be returning these then. Thanks all