Eufycam2c offer - worth it or wait for the 2k?

Eufy are doing a good offer on the Eufycam2c £159.99 for the kit (2 cams and homebase).

I’m not a fan of eufy’s batter performance, however, my backyard/garden has less motion. Also I plan to get a solar panel.

Currently have ring spotlight cam on solar, never had to charge it and works really well but I decided not to renew the subscription. I’d probably get over £100 for cam and solar on ebay.

Anyone else using cam2c and recommend it?

I ordered it, hope it won’t be a regret :slight_smile:

Ring spot light vs Eufycam2c

Eufy pro:
No subscription
Option to turn off night vision
Video quality equal to spot light cam

Eufy con:
No official solar panel
Led spot light is weak
Speaker is weaker

I am very happy with my two 2Cs. I’ve had them for over 4 months and the batteries are both still at 61%. They are both on the front of the house, but there is no passing traffic - they just pick up people coming up the drive - plus foxes and badgers at night. So for low activity they’ve been great.

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I have the Eufy doorbell at the front and 2c in the backyard/garden. I was thinking of putting the 2nd cam in the front of the house that over looks the car and front of the house even though the doorbell pretty much covers that idea.

Another use I’m thinking of is putting it on the front of the parents place just for security. I may even get another just for that. Let’s see.

The image quality and bit rate of the battery doorbell is so superior to the eufycam 2c. 1080p vs 2k and it shows.

I find it odd that all these manufacturers claim 1080p and 2k but it feels like 720p and 1080p in reality.

Crap sensor with high res is such a fail.