EufyCam2c constantly offline

I’ve had the Eufy Cam a little over two weeks and it’s been problematic.

It seems my camera’s periodically go offline for no apparent reason.

Wi fi is strong (full bars) and nothing has been moved but despite that, one or both cameras just go offline, at least once per day.

I’ve tried restarting the base station, turning it off and on at the power and even turning my wi fi off and on. Sometimes it fixes one camera but not both and more often than not I have to get up a ladder and then do a device re-pair.

I’ve run a couple of tests where I turn my wi fi off and on again. Each time it turns back on it appears to be a lottery as to whether the camera’s work or not. Surely these devices can remember a SSID and correctly re join a network in the event of a signal or power drop?

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Turn OFF the router and extender firewall . Yes I mean OFF. Not low or medium totally off. No active filters.

I’ve tried that, I’ve literally unplugged my router for 3 mins then plugged back in.

Same situation today. I re-paired both cameras at 10am and by 14:30 one was offline. I did a homebase re-start from the app and now BOTH are offline.


Sorry .
The router must be plugged in and have a connection to the internet. Initially the eufy base should not be connected to the router.
Now access the the routers configuration settings by entering in your internet app on the computer connected to the router. Go to the firewall settings and turn off the firewall. Totally disable the firewall in the router configuration software. Now for network security you should activate Mac address filtering and enter ALL the Mac Addresses of the equipment that you will be using to connect to the internet with this router. This will prevent outsiders connecting to your network.
Also make sure if you have a dual band router the bands are separated and you are not using the same password for both bands. Save the new settings.
Now plug your eufy base into the router with a USB cable and connect to the 2.4 internet and set up the base.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the guidance - it is very much appreciated.

This isn’t a gripe at you, but it is disappointing if the only way to get these working is to completely change the network. On average I have 15 devices connecting to my LAN (TVs, laptops, phones, speakers etc) at any given time and they can all manage on a network without MAC filtering and separating bands. They don’t lose connection to the router and if the internet goes down, they come back and reconnect. Eufy doesn’t

I’ve been having problems for a few days now. My Eufycam 2Cs had been fabulous since January this year but now are constantly dropping offline. I’m wondering if the most recent firmware update is to blame. The only thing in my system that changed is the firmware so its the obvious culprit. A pity it can’t be backed out to check if the cameras became stable again. As it is they’re useless.


could you describe all connected cameras to the homebase 2. number of cameras including the doorbell if it is part of your system.

For me it is simple : 2 cams linked to homebase (exactly as purchased).

Actually the cameras have behaved quite well today and I haven’t had any offline issues…however it has now highlighted the automated link event recording isn’t working!

is the homebase 2 connected to your router via ethernet or via the network?

I’ve tried both, it does seem to be behaving a little better on wi fi compared to ethernet,however Eufy support have been useless - they asked for the serial numbers then when I responded they then asked for the times and dates it was down . It’s taken 4 days so far and they’ve offered no actually advice!

Still no help from Eufy support but I think I have established what is going on.

I’ve now learnt that the Cams don’t use your WiFi, they connect via a weak signal to the homebase.

It’s crazy - I have two cameras on each front corner of my house - practically in a line and only 10 metres apart. When the homebase is biased to one side (ie 3.5m from one camera and 6.5m from the other) the camera further away goes offline. When I move the homebase to the other side, the opposite camera goes offline.

So it appears my homebase cannot handle a range of more than about 4.5 metres (if I put the home base dead centre NEITHER camera works).