eufyCam2 takes too long to reconnect

Any time my Homebase gets restarted, my eufyCam2 takes FOREVER to reconnect. I’m talking 2 or more hours (not sure exactly how many). Meanwhile, my doorbell cameras do reconnect almost immediately. I am able to get it to reconnect promptly by pressing the button on the top of the camera, but this shouldn’t be necessary. Any ideas on how to fix, or is this a known bug?

Thank you for reaching out to eufy!

We are very sorry to hear about the issue you’re facing with your eufySecurity system. Let’s get you taken care of!

We have released a new firmware that might solved this issue. Please open the app and try the wifi connection via My device>Homebase Name>Homebase Settings>Connection>Wifi Setup.

You can then unplug the network cable and change the home base connection to WiFi, allowing you to move the Homebase closer to where the cameras are located. This can solve the connection issue in most cases.

If the Wifi Setup does not fix the issue, please let us know, so we can offer further assistance.

We apologize for the inconveniences, look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a lovely day.

I checked my settings and I see that the firmware date is May 17. I’m not certain if that is what was on it when I first posted, but I trust that is the latest? I did check yesterday and the message at the time was that I had the latest firmware. My camera is easily within range of the HomeBase, so signal strength should not be a problem. I get wifi coverage well past the area it is in. (edit: I just ran a connectivity test and the eufy app confirms I have a strong signal to the camera).

I did a quick software restart of my HomeBase and the doorbell cameras reconnected as expected, but the eufyCam2… something is wrong here. It didn’t indicate that it was offline, just that it couldn’t stream live video. The last screen grab was of me after I put it back up in place yesterday afternoon. I disabled the camera from the app, and now cannot turn it back on. I get an error: Unable to connect to HomeBase (-2).

I’m now reconnected properly after pressing the button on the top of the camera. Live video and all else works as expected. Another software restart aaannnnd… same as before. Doorbell cameras are back online quickly. The eufyCam2 is not responding and shows as offline. A quick press of the button on top of the camera has it back online almost immediately.

I unplugged the HomeBase from power; waited a few seconds; then plugged it back in. Same results as above.

Here are my firmware versions:
eufyCam2: System Version 2.5.9; Subsystem Version 1.0.60-20191219
HomeBase2: System Version; Subsystem Version

I just noticed there was an update to both my HomeBase and the eufyCam2 a couple days ago. I did a restart of the HomeBase and when back online, the eufyCam2 reconnected as quickly as the doorbell cameras do. So this appears to have resolved my problem. Thanks.