EufyCam2: only works when plugged in to charge

I’ve developed a problem with my EufyCam 2. For some reason, it no longer works (the app will not connect to it) unless I have it plugged in to recharge. The battery is at 100% and is in a location where it has always functioned just fine. I’m not sure when this started exactly (maybe with iOS 14?) but it’s certainly not a problem with where it’s located. I have a pair of doorbell cameras that work just fine. I’ve tried restarting the HomeBase and removing/re-adding the camera. I’m at a loss here on what to do. Here are the details for the camera:

Model No.: eufyCam2
Serial Number: T8114P0220030D99
Subsystem Version: 1.0.70-20200706
System Version: 2.6.7

Try and plug it into the homebase, there have been issues during beta where this happened and plugging it into the homebase somehow fixed it. Give it a try, if it still acts up send a message with your details and they can further assist you

Thanks for the suggestion. Plugging into the HomeBase didn’t help, unfortunately. I’ll shoot an email to support.

Apologies for replying to an hold thread, but did you get a solution to this? My camera is doing the exact same thing

2 years later, first result on Google. Same problem. Anyone fixed it?

Camera will only stream when charging, battery is full, other cameras are fine, tried removing it and readdding.

Same issue here. Camera says it’s fully charged but will only work if plugged into an outlet. This is second camera that’s done it.

Sounds like a bad battery pack. I have seen bad LIon batteries that show full charge voltage on the pack, but can’t source enough current to support operation when a load is presented. When you add the charger, it is allowing enough current to allow you to use live view.

If you are handy, you can usually open up the Eufy cams and find a pack that will allow the cam to work again. I did that with one of my Cam E’s that failed after it was out of warrantee. If your warrantee is still valid, make them replace the cam.