Eufycam2 loses detection after 1 week and needs to be turned off and back on in the app to regain detection

Hi, I have a 3 camera setup for the eufycam2, and I was wondering if anyone is running into similar issues. 2 of my 3 eufycam2 cameras which has higher activity levels usually loses its detection abilities after about 1 week of use, and I would have to go into the app to turn off the cameras and turn it back on before the cameras will detect any motion at all. My cameras are new, just bought them around 1 month ago. I have sensitivity settings on highest (level 7) and motion detection is on for all cameras. However, as I mentioned, 2 of the cameras with higher activities seems to always lose its detection after about 1 week of use. I would walk right in front of the 2 affected cameras and it would not detect anything. Unless I go to the app and turn those 2 cameras completely off and then turn them back on, then it starts detecting motion again. It’s pretty annoying that I have to do this every week, which I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks. First time it happened 2 weeks ago, I thought it might be a fluke, but now it’s happened again after another week, so it seems to be a recurring issue. Any help in solving his issue is appreciated. My camera settings are as follows:

  1. sensitivity set at level 7
  2. customized camera working mode (30 second clips with 5 second re-trigger and end recording early if motion is no longer detected is enabled
  3. motion detection is set to on; activity zones is basically the whole scene with just a tiny corner disabled due to a tree that moves too much when windy
  4. home mode is selected

Thanks in advance…once again, I find it annoying to have to turn the cameras off and on every week and I may have missed some detection in between. Thank you.


I have a similar issue… when it was first installed the camera detected human motion perfectly. Then after about a week it stopped. I did exactly what you do and switched it off in the app and then back on again and this resolved it for a few days. Now it seems to work fine for a few hours, then give up and then after that it will work sporadically - ignoring me when I stand right in front of it.

I am having dialogue with Eufy support who have been very helpful, but their focus is on positioning the camera, but I think it’s something in the software/firmware that is doing this.

I’ve had a similar issue with my 3 cam Eufy Cam E setup. The camera that I have in my driveway is the furthest camera I have from the home base. When I mounted it in it’s location it showed it had perfect WiFi strength but when it would stop detecting motion it would also lose the ability to live view. When I would check the signal strength for the camera it would show no connection. It worked great for over a month in it’s location and then just started acting up periodically. I also noticed that it would start having issues when my wife would start working in her home office that is directly inbetween the camera and the home base. When she would get done working and shut down her laptop the camera would work perfectly fine. Almost as if her computer was intercepting all of the WiFi signal. That lasted for a week or two and since then it’s worked perfectly.

This the same problem I have too. but not only is it annoying it’s more not safe. If a thief was at the door and there is no detection it could go bad. Detection and notification is the main feature of these cameras. I just got my cams less than 2 weeks ago and I was thinking It was a problem on my end or a defective camera but with so many complaints it has to be a software/firmware problem. Please Anker look into this serious problem immediately. Thank you.

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++ Same issue and I have 5 Eufy Cam 2. Yet, it is an issue on them all when it happens. All have perfect/full signal. I am thinking software bug. Please fix.

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I’m having the same issue with the eufycam 2c. They worked pretty well until the last update. Now they miss events regularly despite me standing directly in front the camera. Also the activity zones don’t seem to work, especially at night.

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