eufyCam2: Automatic live feed when motion is detected

I have a working eufyCam2 installed, which is monitoring my porch.

What do I have to do/buy/install to achieve the following:

When the eufyCam2 is detecting motion, a display* should show the cameras live feed automatically within max 4 seconds, without any user interaction (no pressing of buttons or screens, no voice commands)

Additional Information:
*display could be any display like Android tablet, iPad, FireTV Stick, Echo Show, Nest Hub, Raspberry Pi with display and so on. I am thinking of a fixed installed display, like a wall mounted tablet or something similar

I want to know who is outside the door before I open it. My little kid should only open the front door when there are trustworthy people outside, like the neighboors kids. I want to be able to see who is outside even when holding a sleeping baby in my arms.

I spend hours of googleing and searching for videos on YouTube on how to achieve this. I saw an old post here, but thought this topic is worth bringing to the front again.

Could you point me in the right direction?

You could try to work with tasker or something, when a notification appears -> open to show feed automatically.

A recent update of the app should allow to provide notifications with a picture of the feed. Kind of like how the doorbell can provide an image when someone’s there.

Sounds good. Can tasker activate/unlock the tablets display? Edit: Found out that it is theoretically able to do that. Will try tasker out and report back so others can (hopefully) get something out of my journey.


So far setting up and configuring tasker to work properly has been a pain in the ***
Maybe I am too old or too impatient to dig deeper into this. Parents will know what I mean. Is there perhaps a solution that suits a full-time working father of two who has very limited time?