EufyCam won’t Sync

Hi everyone.

Just received my new system, Homebase & EufyCam x4.

While I’ve managed to add the Homebase no problems, I’m having no luck with any of my cameras. The main problem appears to be no red light when I press the “Sync” button on the camera for 2secs, as suggested. There is a blue LED which flashes during this process, and I get the very clear “beep”!

Things I’ve done

  • Reset Homebase, multiple times, including removing all cables, removing from the app and starting again, deleting the app and starting again.
  • tried all 4 cameras
  • Turned cameras off, using 5 presses of the sync button.

Does anyone know if you can “reset” the cameras? I’m open to any suggestions at this point! Thank you!

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As I remember to reset the 2C cameras, you need to press the sync button five times in quick succession. Then it’s ready to re-sync to Homebase. Which cameras are you using? Try a few times!

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Me too… be glad to get advise…