Eufycam (v1) very low audio level on playback

I have 2 Eufycams (both version 1). 1 Of the cams works well with audio: whenever I test and say something in the camera, I can hear it clearly in the app.

The other I can only hear the audio VERY faintly. Like I’m standing 50 feet away.

This is what I’ve done so far:

  • Reset camera
  • Reset homebase
  • Dismounted camera and tested indoors (it’s positioned outside, but under my roof. So no water etc. can reach it)
  • Checked audio settings
  • Downloaded a clip and played it on my laptop to see if it was a problem in the app
  • Tested 2 way communication. Same issue: very faint audio (person in front of the camera can hear me clearly)

I start to believe my microphone could be faulty. Is that a valid conclusion? Is there anything I could try to repair the audio?

Thanks in advance!