Eufycam stop recording and no notifcations

Eufycam stop recording and sending notifications. I seen a lot of people had the same problem. Is there a fix for this problem? without recording and notifications the camera is pretty much useless.

I just wrote to customer support regarding the same issue. I literally removed the camera for a few days and just reinstalled and mounted it back today. Funny thing is as I installed it an alarm went off at a neighbors house that sounded just like the Eufy cam alarm. Needless to say I mentioned the possibility of the camera being hacked by them so as to not notify me or send alerts. I own the Eufycam 2C myself and I am anxious to see what the reply is. I would definitely hate to have to return it, if still even possible, because besides this I was pretty happy with it.

My camera started to work again. I don’t know why. I will keep a eye on it. I don’t need it to stop when a thief is breaking in.

I have just installed my system and it is generally working well. However, I noticed this had happened on one of my cameras yesterday. The notifications and recordings just stopped for some reason. In the app, I turned my camera off and then turned it back on using the software “switch” and it all started working again. Not very reassuring though… this shouldn’t happen! @AnkerSupport

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

For this issue, these steps normally help:

  • Change the camera working mode as a customized recording without a retriggering interval. Here are the steps: My device>Camera Name>Camera Settings>Camera working mode>Cutomized Recording. This option allows you to reduce the triggering interval so the event can be captured on time, but the battery will drain faster.

  • Increase the sensitivity of motion detection. Here are the steps: My device>Camera Name>Camera Settings>Motion detection>Set motion detection sensitivity .

-Check if the camera has a weak signal from HomeBase. If so, situate the camera closer to the HomeBase to get a better signal.

Sometime it only depends on difference user environment, so please feel free to reaching out to and we will have the engineering team to check the log for you.

Will do thanks

After my 2c cameras and Homebase didn’t update to the latest firmware and had the Homebase updating loop, my cameras will not record or send notifications. I just tried the recommendations in the camera settings, but when I try to adjust these settings nothing changes and the cannot connect to the Homebase error shows. Does anyone have a solution for this that worked for them?