eufyCam = Rubbish

What do you really think is efuyCam a rubbish security system and a waste of money?

My comments below:

Floodlight that does not connect to the Homebase - therefore totally useless!!!

EufyCam2 camera that does not pick up anybody passing buy if more than 1m away from the camera (camera set at 2.5 m above ground level) - if you run past the camera it won’t even pick you up - therefore totally useless!!!

Conclusion - efufy products are total rubbish (IMO) - don’t waste your money - I’ve wasted £500 on 3 camera’s, homebase and a door bell - the only thing that works okay is the door bell - Plus the after sales customer service and future development is rubbish also.

Look forward to your comments

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I’m using a Homebase 2, 3x eufy cam2, 2x eufy cam 2 pro ,Indoor 2k pan & tilt and a motion sensor.
It actually does the job.
Other than the low bitrate I don’t really have any big complaints.
No system is perfect,and so far i can live with Eufy shortcomings.

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I have a floodlight, doorbell and indoor cam and all are working great and doing exactly what I wanted. Sorry to hear it’s not worked out for you.

Edit *I meant to reply to the original comment but you get the idea.

I have 5 outdoor and 2 wired indoor. When sending friends videos of deer destroying my garden or bobcats on my deck… they all suddenly want a cam system. I will not recommend this system. It’s not ready for prime time.

I have recommended the indoor cam to a few people for very specific situations and recommended the new outdoor wired to someone again for a specific reason. For me… it works.

I’m not having much luck with the eufycam pro2 either. Motion detection sucks. Also playback is always glitchy unless I download it first. You can’t rewind or forward.

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