EufyCam HomeKit limitations

I just installed 5x eufyCam 2 and a HomeBase 2. To my surprise, I couldn’t add the 5th camera to HomeKit. Getting a message in Eufy Security app that it can only add 4 cameras. I know that HomeKit supports more than 4, when will you fix this?
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I believe you would need a second hub in order to push more than 4 video sources to homekit

The hub supports more than 4 devices and so does HomeKit. I guess there’s something not completely right with the implementation of HomeKit on Eufy platform.

To ensure the best consumer experience, the home base supports no more than 4 devices. If you want more add-on, we suggest to have second home base.

I thought each EufyCam base could support 16 cameras or devices? I’ve seen it advertised that way and I also assumed that it would integrate more than 4 cameras with HomeKit. Is that also incorrect? I purchased the four camera combination, and had hoped to add a video doorbell to the same (existing) base 2 with HomeKit integration. Is that not possible?

The Eufy HomeBase definitely can hold more than 4 cams, I use 5 eufyCam2 with it.
HomeKit though only accepts 4 cameras, that’s a HK Limitation. So I can see my 4 outdoor cam in HomeKit, my indoor cam only in Eufy app.
Sucks. But Eufy is the wrong place to complain.

That’s not true! Even with HomeKit Secure Video, Apple supports up to 5 cameras for each Apple ID. You can read about it here:

I read that one HomeBase 2 supports up to 16 cameras. I already have 5 with no issues on the eufy security app.

Interesting. I had read 4 was the limit, then why can I only add 4?