Eufycam failing to charge

Hi all, eufycam failing to charge - flashing red led no matter how long I leave connected to mains and / or homebase. Any help appreciated.

What are using to charge it? You can use any 5-9 Volt 2 amp phone charger or plug it into the Homebase USB port. When charging, the 2C should be a steady blue until fully charged, then the LED should turn off. Make sure your cable is good. Any microusb to usb cable should work.

You might also try to turn on the spotlight on the cam for a while to pull the battery down a ways while charging.

What percent charge does the cam show in power manager?

Also, there is currently a new firmware version being pushed out and it can cause the led to flash red when downloading. That could be the root of your problem. Once the camera has updated, it should stop flashing red and either show steady blue, if it needs more charge, or go out completely if the batteries are fully charged.