Eufycam E died - no reaction - reset? What to do?

Hello, I am really a fan of your technology and have recommended it to some friends long time before the “recommendation award program” was lanuched.

Now my own Eufycam E died - after being connected to the solar panel charger which i also had bought earlier this year.

Last time i had checked it was 2 days ago, and it was at 80+% charging level. Connecting it to a regular charger - no light indicator, nothing. 5 or 10 secs pushing the sync button, nothing. Several times short pushing the sync button - nothing.

Not sure what happened. It was wall mounted, out of reach from people and of course did not get any shock and did not fall down or so. Just dead.

Admittedly, it was between +2…+7 Celsius, but not frozen or so.

Anybody noticed similar behavior?

Now i am getting worried. Paying 129 Euro for just 1.5 years of working is a bit too much for my wallet…

What to do?

Thx for any hints or tips.