eufyCam E -Battery Issue

I purchased my eufyCam E kit in December 2020. One of the cameras charged up fully without a problem. The other however took forever - with the red charging light remaining on a good 36hrs after it was first put on charge. I decided to go ahead with the installation as the on-line status was indicating that the battery was fully charged. Well, this camera has now fully discharged (May 8th) - just after 4 months of working. I’m in the process of recharging the camera but there would definitely appear to be an issue with the battery. The other camera in the E Kit is working fine and is showing over 50% charge remaining.
It is of note that eufyCam/Anker are no longer advertising the E camera version. Is my problem with the battery a known issue?
Was there a recall on this product that customers should have been notified of?

I have 4 cam E’s purchased in fall of 2020. All of them are meeting or exceeding the 1 year life for their batteries. They all initially charged to 100% and have been slowly dropping. The most active got to 50% charge last month and I decided to top it off to 90%. That cam was exceeding the 10 activations a day and was set for 45 seconds recording time, so higher than Eufy’s usage requirements for 1 year battery life.

Once the cams get their initial charge, I never go above 90% when charging. This will greatly increase the battery life. Getting that last 10% of charge creates about 20% of the wear during the charging cycle.

The Cam E’s are all working fine and I don’t know of any outstanding issues that effect battery life. The only resaon they aren’t selling them is that most of their recent cams have upgraded AI for person detection and the Pro series is all 2K instead of 1080p. Technology moves on, but the E series are still good cams.

I would drop an email to and give them the purchase date, serial number and where you bought it, along with an explanantion of the problem. They may be able to look at your settings and see an issue or they may just replace the cam for you.

I tried a full reset on the Camera (by pressing the pairing button for over 10 secs until 2 beeps). This has made a difference as the camera now appears to be charging.
I have already contacted the eufy Support Team providing them with the Camera Serial number. They have responded, advising that there are no known manufacturing issues with that batch. I suspect that I may have a sick power cell.
I’ll persevere with charging the camera for a few more hours and see if it holds the charge.