EufyCam Clips Only Record for 5 seconds after adding an Add-On 2 Pro Cam

I’ve had the 2C cam kit and home Base 2 for a month now and it has been working great, however, yesterday I purchased the new 2 Pro Add-on Cam and now across all my cameras the clips for motion are no longer than 5 seconds. The motion sensitive is 7 on all the cameras and I have them on custom recording to maximize clip length since I have them plugged into power directly.

Any advice or help?

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It’s only a query,but if you revert it back to optimum recording and not custom do you still get 5 seconds?

Yep unfortunately

@Haadsecure Yes that is correct when it detects motion the Eufy app only records max 5 second clips to the basestation.

I’ve had pretty much same issue from day 1 but would record for 7 seconds, have also been running custom recording to overcome this issue

Are you linked to homekit or google assistant or Alexa? (Don’t need to know which one just asking)

As I have noticed in my tinkering with Apple HomeKit it put all my LED status light on my cameras, changed my recording to optimum recording when I have some on battery saving mode. So just wondering if this could be involved.

Hi, mine is doing the same i.e. 5 second recordings. Did you solve this?


I’ve the same issue with my EufyCam 2C. I have some automation set up to let the Cam record. For example if the door opens than record. But all the recordings are only 5 seconds… The power management setting is on Optimal, so it should be possible to record for 60 seconds.

Has this option been solved?
I have the same issue with my automations.
5 seconds only.