Eufycam camera offline notification?

Is there a way to get notifications when the eufycam 2’s go offline as it is very frustrating to open up the app and expect them to be online and have recorded something only to find out they went offline, yet again.


anyone know?

Good idea.

what was the reason your cam was offline by itself?

hi @security-dubs

If you are using Apple HKSV there is an option for ‘offline’ notifications through the Apple Home app. If you are not using HKSV there is not a way to receive an off-line notification from the Eufy Security app.

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@security-dubs did you find the reason for your camera going offline? if it is due to the low battery, your eufysecurity app reminds you to charge it when its below the threshold.

battery is fine just randomly go offline all the time. only 10 feet from basestation too

How is your homebase 2 set up? Using WiFi or ethernet?

What is going offline - the home base or the camera/s?

Unfortunately, using “eufycam 2’s” in your fault description is vague as to which component you are referring to as eufyCam 2 is the actual name for the T8114 camera.

Eufy marketing use “eufycam 2” as part of the description for a kit which includes the HomeBase 2 T8010 and the eufyCam 2 T8114 cameras.

All Eufy home bases can use either ethernet or 2.4GHz WiFi to connect to your home network and uses your home network as the “gateway” to the internet for access by the Eufy Security application on a mobile telephone or from a browser (this limited to live viewing and needs Adobe Flash Player enabled). Use of either access requires your login to be authenticated by the Eufy Authentication server solution (and Eufy have had issues where this service has not been available). If you cannot connect to a home base, there could be an issue at any of these “points of failure”.

The connection between the home base and camera/s is a private WiFi 2.4GHz network that utilises “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” (WPS) and thus that network name (a Wifi Analyser shows the name as hidden) and password are not provided. This private network CANNOT be extended - site the home base in a location that supplies the best signal strength of this private network to all cameras (the Eufy Security application provides a signal strength “meter” in it’s camera setup section)

The more important use case for an offline notification is when someone disconnects the camera (e.g., by jamming WiFi signals and/or disabling power supply). I’d really like to receive a notification in such cases.


Makes sense. I have used Cove for sometime and their service is amazing and they use at&t Sim so it doesn’t rely just on your wifi. If anything goes wrong you will get the notification and if something is off!

Shifting to eufy is just a roller coaster for me, tons of flaws.