Eufycam All Camera's Say Paired But Live View Says " Add Device"

Hi I have just started having this issue, I have 8 eufycam’s that were all connected and working this am, this pm no recordings but camera’s are picking up motion, I try live view and a message comes up " please add device or sensor" in my devices all my camera’s are paired. I have restated the home base 5 times and am still getting the same message. Anyone else having / had this problem? Did you get it working again without having to do a hard reset and then add all camera’s again! I am in Australia and it’s currently 1:52am and I’m not climbing in the dark at this hour to try and re add camera’s so now I’m gong to be without any protection until I can get this fixed. Not a happy camper!

No idea about the issue but try and reconnect a single camera and see what happens. Also if your homebase is on WiFi then use ethernet and vice versa.

Thanks, I ended up removing the home base, re adding then re syncing all camera’s. Camera’s are working now however if I have them in away mode with the camera alarm activated the alarm will go off but camera’s will not record. One good thing is 4 of my camera’s haven’t recorded with sound for a few months and they are now recording sound again. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again as it took me over an hour to take 8 camera’s down re sync and then climb the ladder to re install them. These haven’t been to bad with issues compared with the Arlo pro I replaced with these, hoping it’s not the start of many issues.

Update, eufy have said I will get a firmware update in the next 24-48 hrs to fix this issue. Will see if it does.

I’ve had and still having this exact same issue. Cameras randomly go offline, showing as connected and motion is being detected judging by the clicking noise and the IR sensors lighting up, but it shows the dreaded “Add Camera or Sensor” screen of death.

So I received the firmware update today, most of the cameras seemed to record although one didn’t. They worked for 3 hrs although notifications only worked for 30 mins, then camera’s appear to be recording as IR Lights are lighting on motion however I am unable to access any recordings or live view instead I get a message " please contact customer support for help". The home base is just blinking the blue light that should show it’s connected so the update had totaled my system. I will be sending it back to place of purchase for hopefully a new home base!
Update: I restarted the home base again and now it’s saying " welcome to eufy security please download the app and follow instructions for set up" I added the home base again and now it’s removed all 8 camera’s again so tomorrow I’m climbing the ladder again, tonight I’m without protection again!

JFC, they could screw up a glass of water.

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