EufyCam 3C WiFi Network Connection

I think I know what the answer to this will be based on the devices that appear on my Wireless network dashboard, however…

Would I be correct in assuming that the EufyCam 3C cameras don’t directly connect to a homes wireless network and only directly pair with the Homebase S380?

I have multiple Access Points to improve coverage across my property but it does not appear that the 3C’s are able to make use of them and solely rely on the Homebase itself.

Yep, you are correct…
The HB broadcasts its own hidden Wi-Fi network for the cameras to connect to it. I believe it actually acts as Wi-Fi repeater of your homes Wi-Fi network it also uses the same channel.
Using a Wi-Fi analyzer app it shows it as smart innovation LLC.

Only the cameras that don’t require the HomeBase would use access points.
It’s too bad eufy had never made an Wi-Fi extender to connect between the HB and cameras in situations where the distance is just too far…

As I thought. Thank-you.

I’m hoping that Eufy make it so that there’s an option for any of their cameras that use 802.11 based wireless to transmit their video to just be an end device on the wireless network and use the HomeBase as the NVR.

Im my case where I have three 802.11ac access points providing coverage across my property already, that where the HomeBase gets located would not be important, as long as it’s IP reachable.

come faccio per aumentare copertura del segnale WiFi delle mie telecamere disposte su più piani e distanti dalla mia home base 3? Devo acquistare altra Home base? Help me

There isn’t much you can do to increase the Wi-Fi coverage of your cameras.
As the home base transmits its own wireless network so the cameras can connect to it.
It’s either moving the camera closer to the home base or move the home base to a central location in your :house: casa , for all the cameras to be able to connect with the Home Base. I would try this first.

You could buy another home base for the cameras that are out of Wi-Fi reach and use it just for them.
The home bases do not connect to each other, so in the app you would have 2 bases independent of each other.

From my observations, it seems that these cameras exclusively connect to the Eufy Homebase (S380) and not directly to our home wireless networks. This setup has been working well, but I have multiple Access Points to enhance coverage throughout my property. It doesn’t seem like the 3C cameras can gd hack utilize these access points and solely rely on the Homebase for connectivity.