Eufycam 3 Solar Not Charging

Edit, I have just received an email from support stating the solar won’t charge above 95% battery for safety so I’ll have to wait and see once they get below 95%. Just for anyone else who’s thinking the same as me.

I purchased the Eufycam 3 Homebase & 2 camera’s I have had them for around 9 days. I put one camera up when I received them and we had 4 days of sun the solar never charged. I set up the second camera and replaced it with the one not charging it started to charge immediately so I assumed the first camera is faulty. I also have a Solocam S40 that is working great so I shifted the first camera near it, still no charging so I’m pretty sure it’s faulty now the other camera is also not charging. Has anyone else got these and does the solar work?

I’ve had my Eufycam 3 system for about 2 months, maybe 3? They all work. I made absolutely certain to put mine in direct sunlight.

I didn’t realise they wouldn’t charge above 95% once they got down to 95% they started charging so they are working correctly. Thanks.

It’s true….they only charge to 95%, and the with a firmware update earlier this year they change that to be 100%, so people dont get confused wondering wh it wont charge no more…they limit it.

But my issue at the moment is, since June 20…i think…cannot prove, but my eufy 3’s are not charging at all !!..i swapped cam’s around using external solar and placing the cams (with their own solar panel) in direct sunlight…nothing, nothing for all of them.

Anybody else suffering the same since about middle of year firmware updates?