EufyCam 2C seems to ignore motion zones


I’ve recently purchased 4 x EufyCam 2C alongside the security system etc etc.

The cameras seem to simply ignore the motion zones that are set and trigger for motion outside these areas ALL THE TIME.

We live in quite a busy road so battery life is draining super fast.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding plus all the usual stuff.

Anyone have any advice?


I’m not 100% sure but aren’t the motion zones set so the cameras don’t go off if there is motion in these areas but go on if there is motion outside of those areas? Maybe set motion zones opposite to what you have now and see if that works.

You will find endless thoughts on this exact issue. My advice … forget the zones and figure out the best placement and sensitivity setting for each view. Figure out what is triggering where you don’t want it… and move the camera. Sometime the slightest movement (even mounted in the same spot) will change its sensors trigger.

Also post camera view pics for us on the trouble cams. Sometimes it’s very obvious to us what might help… lots of us can help…

We live next to a main road - its people and cars etc etc.
I’ll upload some pictures later tonight and show you examples.
It feels like the zones don’t actually do anything and they just put them there to say it has that feature.

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You are not alone

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