Eufycam 2C pro notification with thumbnail

I have a Eufy doorbell, security 5 pack and the Eufycam 2C pro.
What I like about the doorbell notification is the thumbnail that comes with.
That is what I miss on the Eufycam 2C pro.
I hope this can be added in a future software update.


The feature should be available already. Under notification setting of the 2c camera…

As @John0 mentioned you need to set it up in your cameras notification settings

I have these settings not for the 2c pro cam, only for my doorbell. Is it only available for the 2C cam and not for the pro version?

Today the device was updated with a new firmware and now I see newer options.
I have set the option “With thumbnail” but there is also this line Ïf available"

When there is motion detected it still doesn’t show an image.
So it still doesn’t work with the 2C pro cam. At least, not for me.

The notifications on the 2C pro cam are hit or miss.
It does record for as far as I know with (human) detection but not all recordings have notifications on my phone.
Sometimes I get a notification with thumbnail but mostly without thumbnail.

Yeah that’s how it is, same for the doorbell but a bit worse. Don’t know why this happens but it does.
I would assume, if there’s a video, there’s a thumbnail.

Glad the system got updated! Didn’t know people were still running that old version from, I think, pre-October 2020 or so…

Eufy really needs to update this hit or miss behavior of notifications and also the speed of the notifications are slow. When I walk to my car to go away I feel my phone giving the notification when I am in my car and that is much slower than with the Ring video doorbell I had before.
When I watch the recordings back it started the recording the minute I stepped outside so why does it take around 10 seconds before the notification is there on my phone?

You should use ‘Volledig effect’ as it will first deliver the notification and then the thumbnail. The textual notification is almost instant.

I have changed the setting to “Volledig effect” and I will see if this helps for me.