eufyCam-2C not working with Alexa skill

I have a severe problem with my two eufyCams 2C… I have Alexa Show 8 with eufySecurity-Skill on it and there is no cam stream on the display of the Alexa show. Alexa answers in German which means translated “I don’t know what went wrong”. I wrote an email to the Anker support but they told me that my connection is too weak, which cannot be the reason (440 mbit). As a further information: Logging into eufy Security plattform where I can choose my cameras to show a live stream I have the same problem - no stream with having a timeout message after a while. What can I do? The Alexa feature was one of the reasons I bought the system (eufyCam 2C with HomeBase 2). Has anyone of you similar problems and maybe a solution for this issue? Regards and thank you, Michael (from Germany, sorry for my bad English)…

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Same problem here

Same problem

Has anyone managed to get this sorted? Still not being able to have live view on my Alexa show 8… download speed is 68mb so it’s nothing to do with internet. All my other devices work fine on it… Suggestions?