EufyCam 2C Mounting Bracket - Add Washers and better Screws

I did a simple upgrade to the External Mounting Bracket of the EufyCam 2C, by adding two small 4mm washers to give better structural strength and lock tightness for the 2 screws over a bigger area, rather than the tiny cap headed PH2 screws (why not use industry standard PZ2 screws, Eufy?) bearing down on the tiny arc hole of plastic. Liable to crack easily if over-tightened. Recommend 6-7 tightening torque on a DeWalt.

Also the Rawl-type plugs you supplied are a disaster when working with a standard 6mm drill bit. I had to use my own.

Even with the slightly raised circumference area, I carefully micro-chiselled off a little from the edges of the grey tube insert rotation locker, to allow for the loss of the washers losing ½ a screw turn on the main attachment bracket for the camera, but it’s still super-tight at 4½ Turns instead of the full 5 Turns.

Works in the wild, Eufy. Feel free to use the idea and will cost you like a few pennies to implement. You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mark_Cairns Great idea for a more secure option I will be implementing this today on both my external cameras. Well done… :+1:

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The 4mm washers are just standard Diall branded washers from B&Q, but I’m sure any version would do. It’s about trying to fit into the two spaces as tightly as possible on the cylindrical rotating insert locker (or whatever Eufy call the part internally).

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