Eufycam 2C Motion Detection Activity Zones need custom-shaped freehand multi-point option

On the Eufycam 2C, I have to say how frustrated I am by the three coloured squares/rectangles of the so-called “Activity Zones”.

Taking inspiration from Photoshop “Paths” or masking tools in any design/motion graphics package, they have freehand Path tools to allow a custom shape / multiple points to be drawn within a specific area.

Could be done one of two ways:

  • Start with current square /rectangle and double-tap anywhere else along the line to create new points that could be clicked & held and moved around within the activity zone.

  • Start with one point, then draw multiple points (with a rubber band line coming from the previous point drawn) around the activity zone to create the custom shape.

Either could be very intuitive.

What’s infuriating is that Eufy’s own packaging graphic design implies that’s EXACTLY what it is with the custom shape… scanned from the EufyCam 2C outer box…


The doorbell and the indoor cam have the polygon zones, up to 3 of them, weird that the 2c doesn’t (mine doesn’t either).

It should be an easy update since they already have it in some cams, we will see.


Edit: the indoor cam only allows 2 zones, but the doorbell has up to 3. If you count the pet activity zone, the indoor has 3 also, all six point grids.


The flexible activity zones, as featured on the battery doorbell, would be a great upgrade to the Eufycam’s.

The daft three boxes either mean your limited in what you can set, or you get multiple alarms for areas you don’t want.

Following a recent update I am unable to adjust one activity zone box at a time, I have to delete all three and start from scratch.