Eufycam 2C | Make it possible to turn off blue light while charging please!

Hi Anker team, I just received my new security set with Homebase and 2x Eufy 2C cams. My intention was to permanently charge the cams so I’m not bothered by ever having to charge them.

Problem; the blue light always stays on no matter what setting I use! This makes the camera not usable for me because it stands out way too much in the dark.

Please let me know if this can be fixed on the short term or if I need to return the set and (unfortunately) go for another brands solution. Thank you for your swift response!


Hello, same here but then with the Eufycam 2!

Greetz, BaPe.

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A piece of black electrical tape should do the trick. The status LED control doesn’t work when charging.

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Not going that route. From a serious security system like Eufy I would expect thought and care about user scenarios like this.

The battery cams are not designed to be powered all the time, so it wouldn’t even be an issue for 99+% of users.

In fact, unless you have some way of scheduling when you apply power to your cams, you will severely shorten battery life. Overcharging is really bad for lithium-ion batteries. Doing it below 32 F will literally plate the anode with lithium and destroy current capability very rapidly.

Yeah I get your point and I also thought about that. But then I figured that Eufy recommends the exact same setup for their 2K battery doorbell as a good out of the box solution by recommending in the manual to connect it to the old doorbell wires on an 8V/12V adapter so you never have to charge the doorbell. So how is that different from the solution I strive for now with the 2C cams?

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@Tom_Nalis I agree. Eufy is now selling a Solar Panel for $49.99 to do what you’re trying to do. I haven’t tried it yet…but after their recent app update under Power Management and Power Source, it allows you to choose “battery” or “Solar Panel” as a way to power the camera. Maybe selecting the solar option under power source might remove the blue light while it’s charging. Just a thought.

It turns out that if you get a solar panel to charge a Eufy camera and set the “Power Source” to solar panel, the camera gets charged and the blue light does not come on. I know because I got 3 solar panels to charge the cameras and no blue light yet the cameras get fully charged. And I paid $26/solar panel for 3 of them at

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I have reached out to the devs, and they stated that when in the app you select ‘power source: solar’, the blue light turns off (when the - probably eufy- solar panel is attached)

@Tom_Nalis When you hook up the wireless battery doorbell to existing wiring it doesn’t keep charging all the time. I added a ma meter and switch in series with the doorbell and when its powered it charges up to around 90% then cuts back current a trickle of about 10-15 ma. When the battery gets down to around 80%, it starts charging again. I haven’t tested whether it will still charge when temps get below 40 deg F. Its been above that so far this year, but I’m waiting to see how it behaves.