EufyCam 2C going offline constantly


I have been using two cameras with the base station for a few months and had no issues. I’ve recently added a third camera and it is going offline every day or two which is really annoying as the only way I seem to be able to fix it is to unmount the camera and bring inside near the base station and re-sync.

This effectively makes it useless which is really dissappointing. Before I return the unit, is there anything I can do?

I have updated all firmware and use the devices with the Eufy app and also with Apple Homekit.

This problem needs specific analysis, please contact

I have 2 cameras, one literally a couple of meters away from the base station, no issues for weeks then tonight the nearest one goes offline. Brought it in to reset/resync and swapped it out for the other (much further away) camera. Same problem after an hour! Went to the camera and while unscrewing it it came back to life. The problem is (was) a cheap flashing christmas decoration, must be generating radio interference, switched that off and no more problem. Don’t know if that helps but if you have anything electrical generating radio noise it might be worth a look. Good luck anyway.

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