Eufycam 2C firmware 1.6.6 release notes?

Hi - my cameras updated to this a few days ago - anyone got notes for this update please?

Who knows why some updates have notes in the app messages system tab, and some don’t like this one…


Would be nice if there was release notes which people keep asking for every time they release a new update.

Think some one said fix the spot light from coming on then off then on again when it detects motion at night.


My homebase had an update. Again no release notes


Doorbell got dynamic surveillance option now in power Manager.

That’s a feature provided by the app and not the firmware. I can see it on th iOS but not the android as I haven’t updated it.

:thinking: not had a app update. Only appeared today. Wish they would be better at letting us know what has improved.

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The setting was enabled on the latest version of thr app.

No change logs.

Dynamic surveillance? Not here in Australia. My app doesn’t need updating and the option isn’t there. Strange re the whole separate region and feature updating approach.

What does that mode give you?

say recorded clips are 20sec and it will adjust detection so does not pick up same objects. Saving battery option.

Thanks, but meh :unamused: for the new mode.

What Eufy really needs to add is a super-detection mode for those of us who are willing to take a battery-life hit for improved/more consistent detection and recording… a compatible solar panel would then alleviate the battery loss.

I know I’d prefer to recharge more often if necessary if it meant more reliable performance when it counts!

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Totally agree on the need for a super-detection-mode-despite-battery-hit option. I can’t get my battery doorbell to record the bears and deer going up my driveway 15 feet away from the camera. When I check the device settings->Power Manager under “False Events Filtered by the AI” the number keeps increasing. I don’t want the AI to filter the motion events; record the action please :wink:


Exactly mate

Mine updated to 1.6.7 but doesn’t give any notes. The homebase 2 also updated this morning.